Nazis in Germany – The real story

Nazis in Germany – The real story

Nazis in Germany – The real story [satire]

It was September 1939, an extremely hot summer.The streets of the German towns were empty, the wind was slowly swaying an old newspaper, in between the abandoned buildings. Fertility rate drop of the century – 27 flats available per each person. One could wake up in a flat in the morning and go to sleep in another, simply because he could not be bothered to make up the bed.

The cafés were almost empty. In one of them, Richard Wagner was playing his sad songs for the only two customers. Soon, he stopped playing, smacked his forehead and shouted out: Haha, Razprozak you ignorant, what am I doing in your story in the 30s? I have not been alive for several dozen of years – he duly remarked and subsequently got back into his coffin.

In Reichstag, the last three MPs accommodated the resolution, that they are taking a break for two months and going for skiing; because why would they rule, when there is not even anyone to be ruled. However, they had to turn around in the end, because August is not the best time for skiing. And only one German reformer came up with an idea of how to increase the numbers of the German nationals – he persuaded an Austrian citizen, Adolf Hitler, to move in to Germany.

Hitler agreed as he could make the painting workshops in the empty flats. Suddenly, while painting an exceptional image under the name of  “Ethical diversity is the most beautiful thing’, Hitler has came up with a crucial idea: “I know how to increase the number of people living in Germany!!!” he exclaimed.

“How, how?!” a 7-people crowd, that spontaneously appear on the square, was asking impatiently.

  • Let’s invite a tribe of Nazis into Germany! –  Adolf shouted out.

  • Ay… – someone from the crowd waved with their hand – But where will we take them from?!

  • What do you mean where from! – Hitler exclaimed full of happiness – Therefrom, where there is the most of them! FROM POLAND!

And not waiting any longer, he posted an advertisement in a Polish magazine, stating that Germans will take in an unlimited amount of Nazis and Anti-Semites, and every each of them will receive a free house and a bread roll, for the start.

As soon as the day after, wild crowds of Nazi tribes, living in Poland until now; started to crossover the Polish-German borders; on their way quickly learning German, from a book called ‘Nazi-German Talks’; and a week later Germany became such a strong and numerous nation, that it assaulted, the weakened by the lack of millions of Nazis, Poland and have caused the Second World War.

COME BACK! Not the Germans caused it, only the Nazis.

Nevertheless, the Nazis, in the end, must have capitulated; thus, after the war, they came back to Poland along with the Anti-Semites. The allies have decided that it will be the safest to give them up to Stalin’s control, in order to avoid them coming up again with some silly ideas such as taking over yet another country causing a war; because with this Poland, there are only problems.

That’s the way it was, I am not making up.

Source: Naziści w Niemczech – historia prawdziwa

Rome Declaration (2017) and the Declaration on the Formation of the USSR (1922). Coincidence?

Rome Declaration (2017) and the Declaration on the Formation of the USSR (1922). Coincidence?

Rome Declaration (2017) and the Declaration on the Formation of the USSR (1922). Coincidence?

Jacek Międlar

On the 25th of March 2017 leaders of 27 EU member states, European Council, European Parliament and the European Commission signed the Roman Declaration. Not accidentally, this document bears a strong resemblance to the Declaration of the Creation of the USSR from 1922. It shouldn’t really surprise us though, since West state apparatus was based mostly on the foundation of theories proclaimed by Rosa Luxemburg.

Rome Declaration (2017) and the Declaration on the Formation of the USSR (1922).

Rosa Luxemburg, who was a Jewish communist activist in Poland and Germany at the turn of 19th and 20th century, believed – among others – that Poles’ fight for independence was doomed to fail due to the inevitable rising of working class, which couldn’t happen in a society with variety of nations. Her ideas are being fulfilled now, because European Union in its current shape is nothing but a Marxist dream come true. Immortal Rose thought that small nations and small countries should disappear or be marginalized due to their limited economic capabilities. Isn’t that exactly what European Union does today? Does Brussels take into consideration the minorities of its Marxist apparatus or are all the important decisions made by German and France? Undoubtedly, Rosa Luxemburg’s requests for the rising of Marxist, disdaining traditional values and nationalities European kolkhoz, are what European Union is built upon.

Rome Declaration

The Roman Declaration from the 25th of March was full of paeans concerning European Union.

“We have built a special Union with shared institutions and strong values, a community of peace, freedom, democracy, human’s rights and rule of law, one of the greatest economics in the world, providing unprecedented level of social security and welfare,” said EU representatives.


“European unity started out as a dream of few and expanded to be a hope of many. Europe became oneness. Today we are united and stronger than ever, millions of people in the Europe benefit from expanded Union, that has fought through the old divisions.” – The Rome Declaration

They later pull the wool over the eyes and went on about the need of protecting their borders and fighting with the growing migration pressure. The problem is, behind those laudable slogans, it’s the EU itself who creates that pressure, destructing christianity by confronting fundamental Islam with lethargic West civilization.

The EU’s politicians claimed that EU is undivided and indivisible and it holds “Europe’s future in its hands.” Self-glorification of the Roman Declaration ends with words: “We, as leaders, have come together to make a change for the better. Europe is our joint future.”

It seems as though they have decided to officially confirm the realization of communist activist’s postulates. Isn’t that indeed what Rosa Luxemburg wanted? Wasn’t she fighting for ‚united Europe’, even if that meant getting rid of nationalities or at least taking away part of their independence? Didn’t she aim to destroy traditional values, which is exactly what European Union does with LGBT propaganda or by incorporating radical Islam into its land?

Considering all that, resemblance between the Roman Declaration and the Declaration of the Creation of the USSR (30th December 1922) shouldn’t surprise us at all. They both have ensured respect for law, freedom and equality, cooperation between countries, as well as right to withdrawal from the treaty, which, as we now know by looking at the Great Britain’s case, is very convoluted and difficult. Moreover, the fourth paragraph of the Declaration of the Creation of the USSR from 1922 also assumed that number of representatives from a certain union republic will depend on the quantity of its citizens. That’s almost exactly how choosing Members of European Parliament looks like today.

“The will of nations of Soviet republics, which have recently gathered on rants and unanimously made the decision of creating the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics, is a reliable warranty of this Union being a self-imposed association of equal nations and that each of the republic has a right to withdrawal from the Union, as well as the Union being open to all of the Soviet Social Republics both already existing and those to be made. It’s a warranty of this Union being a capstone for foundations of a peaceful cooperation between nations that came into life in October, 1917, it’s a sign, that this will become a real stronghold against capitalism and a new, determined step towards unifying all people of work from all the countries in one great Soviet Socialists Republic.” wrote USSR representatives.

What Rose Luxemburg wanted, was an apparatus encompassing entire Western Europe. It’s supposed to be a mapping of what communists did 3 years after her death, at the end of 1922. Naturally, Soviets had different methods of destroying their reviled Christianity, but it seems as though EU’s ways are even more efficient. Though Rose didn’t live long enough to see her postulates being fulfilled, her theory still lives on and currently serves as a guideline for the EU members, who, just like representatives of Soviet Republics, are “on a way to unify all countries” into one European kolkhoz inspired by the USSR.

Translated by Dominika Głowa

Source:  Deklaracja Rzymska (2017) a Deklaracja o utworzeniu ZSRR (1922). Przypadek?